Videoswith TVIcons

Videos with TV Icons

Captain Mark Noble fishes with some famous people! Some are TV icons. Captain Mark also has a TV Show of his own-Channel 99 -Golden Isles TV. Some of his videos on the Video page are actual TV Programs. Please watch and enjoy. He is very educational-to say the least. 
Captain Mark Noble
Fishing with the BEST!
Fishing Shows with Well Known TV Icons
Captain Mark Noble is one of the most experienced charter fishing guides on St.
Simons Island. If you have seen fishing shows televised on ESPN, FOX Sports South,
SUN SHINE NETWORK, The Outdoor Channel, HTS (Home Team Sports), Media One or
GON TV for this area, it was probably filmed with Mark. Saltwater Sportsman, North
American Fisherman, GON, and Going South Sportsman magazines have also sought
out Mark for his fishing ability (see bottom for listings).

Throughout the years Captain Mark Noble has been featured on TV Shows such as:

(Captain Mark Noble's Outdoor Journal), as well as others with Cefus McRae Nut's & Bolts of Fishing, O'Neill Outside Television Show (Capt. Mark Noble is about 7 minutes into the video), as well as (Sunshine Network, Fox Sport South, The Outdoor Channel, Media One, Home Team Sports).

Cefus McRae came down last Spring and we filmed some of the most off the board fishing trips ever!! You have gotta to see them to believe them!

The videos below were filmed in 2014 with
Captain Cefus McRae:

St. Simons Spinners

Catch some high flying acrobatics for spinner sharks and blacktips with Capt Cefus McRae and Capt Mark Noble in the Atlantic. St. Simons Island, GA is the destination for this episode and these tenacious sharks put up quite a fight along with some spectacular leaps.

St. Simons Offshore Smorgasbord

Capt. Cefus McRae and Capt. Mark Noble venture offshore on a quest for big fish. Fishing the Navy towers off the Georgia coast where everything that swims likes to eat, including barracuda, that make a meal off the fish we catch.

St. Simons Tarpon (Silver King)

The Georgia coast is an undiscovered, premiere, tarpon fishery...until now! Capt.Mark Noble teams up with Capt. Cefus McRae on a quest for the Silver King along Georgia's Golden Isles. And there's plenty of action. But before you go chasing after "these monsters", you'd better eat your Wheaties!
Captain Mark Noble has also been featured in several magazine articles throughout the years

Here are just a few:

June 1997 - Saltwater Sportsman, Volume 58, Number 6 - Features SILVER &
GOLD, Written by Bob McNally.

June 1997 - Georgia Outdoor News, Volume 11, Number 6 - Features THE
SHARKS OF SUMMER, Written by Spud Woodward, Page 12

March 1998 - Saltwater Sportsman, Volume 59, Number 3 - Features TAILS,
TWELVE O'CLOCK, Written by Bob McNally, Page 98

April 1998 - Georgia Outdoor New, Volume 12, Number 4 - Features SIGHT
FISHING FOR SPRING REDS, Written by Bill Jarrell, Page 94

December 1998 - Saltwater Sportsman, Volume 59, Number 12 - Features TAKE IT
TO THE TOWERS, Written by Bob McNally, Page 48

1999 Saltwater Sportsman - GROUPER TACTICS BY THE PROS, Written by
George Proveromo

2006 Saltwater Sportsman March, Chumming Techquines, Bob McNally.

2006 Saltwater Sportsman June, Eleven Most Deadly Tarpon Catches.
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