Things To Know

Things to know before fishing trip

Things to bring on your trip:

A lightweight jacket.

Sunscreen-lotion or cream please, spray-on stains the boat.

If doing an Inshore fishing trip-bring bug spray!! The gnats
are out April-September!

Drinks (your preference) No glass please.
You are welcome to bring snacks or lunch.

Camera-you will want pictures for memories! If you have
any photos you would not mind being posted-we will be
glad to put them on our website-Thank you very much.

Sunglasses.  Even on cloudy days!!  You only have one set
of eyes and with flying hooks you want protection. They
also help you see the fish better.

Proper Shoes with non-marking soles (no black soles if
possible) No cowboy boots or work boots.  Tennis shoes
or boat shoes are best. Ladies-platform shoes and stilettos
are not proper boating/fishing footwear. These are
dangerous on a boat!

Proper Clothing
In the hotter months (May-Sept) try and wear clothes that
are SPF rated and cool.  Jeans are not recommended.
Baggy clothes aren't recommended because they get in
the way of reeling and other things. Fitted slacks, shorts
and t-shirts are just fine-as long as they aren't too baggy
they will improve your fishing (baggy sleeves and such tend
to get in the way of your rod).

In the cooler months (Sept-April) try and wear clothes that
layer well. An example would be to wear long sleeve shirt,
fleece or pullover sweatshirt, and jacket.

Q. How far are the boat rides?
Inshore boat rides can be 5 minutes to 25 minutes.  There
are a lot of factors which contribute to this such as tide,
wind direction, cloud cover and species we are fishing for
and time of year.  

Offshore the rides can be 30 minutes to some of the local
reefs and up to 2 hours to fish the towers and live bottom
spots 40+ miles offshore.

Gulf Stream is about 82 miles out-about a 3hr ride out

Q. Do we need to buy a fishing license?
A. No. Our captains  have a license that covers all anglers
on the boat.

Q. Do your boats have bathrooms?
A. No. We have buckets though!

Q. Do you clean our catch?
A. Yes. Clean, fillet, and put it in a bag, at no additional

Q. Should we tip our guide?
A. Tips are not mandatory however they are customary
and greatly appreciated. Your captain works hard for you
and provides a service such as a waiter so 15-20 percent
is customary.

Q. Can we bring a GPS and mark the spots we fish?
A. No. Our guides spend countless days, years and a
great deal of  money exploring our ECO system.Our spots
are the result of years of "hard work, trial and error".  We
look at it as "stealing" and frown on it greatly. So PLEASE
do NOT!

Q. How far in advance should I book my trip?
A. As far out as possible!

Q. Do your boats have shade?
A. Our boats do have a bimini top - we don't usually fish
with them up-they make it hard to fish around, but we will
use them if asked to do so.
The Fishing Center
104 Marina Drive
St. Simons Island, Ga 31522

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