Thunder Chicken

Thunder Chicken popping Cork 
Made in St Simons Island, GA
Designed and Patented by Captain Mark Noble
Can you imagine the possibilities of casting a popping cork 40 yds-
with an unweighted artificial bait-   the slow sink rate that can be achieved, because -
no longer are you forced to use a jig head, or a soft plastic bait to "make that cast".

Vision an unweighted artificial bait, how it would dart up and slowly sink down, back below the cork once you pop the cork-mimicking the presentation of a wounded or naturally sinking bait. Here's the difference. All the other corks limit your way of thinking and the ability at which you can present your bait, there is no doubt a quarter oz jig head will catch fish -but you will certainly have to agree that bait will immediately sink below the corks and be motionless.

This is the home of the famous Thunder Chicken. The Thunder Chicken is designed and Patented by Captain Mark Noble. The Patent within itself proves the "superiority" of this product.

This isn't someone else's idea of a popping cork-this is Captain Mark Noble's idea of PERFECTION!

Captain Mark fished with many different people, other Captains, Professionals, and in many different countries. The casting capabilities of  other popping corks he was using were in- no way -meeting "his standards"- of a great casting popping cork. They didn't cast very far, tangled the line, and cost more time fishing than he desired to invest in-so began Captain Noble's  process of alleviating the numerous problems everyone was having with the popping corks. He began to create his own-the final product (named by his 2 beautiful daughters) became known as The Thunder Chicken Popping Cork.

The Thunder chicken is a cast-able popping cork, designed to cast in windier conditions and can be thrown accurately. No longer are you forced to fish with a jig-head or a soft plastic bait to make a cast. You now have the options to fish unweighted, artificial or live bait at incredible distances from the boat without even any consideration of having to place any weight on the leader.

 Stories are now being told around the world about the wonders of this popping cork-catching fish he (Captain Mark) never imagined being caught. So order yours today..and if you have a story to share we will post it here.
Popping Cork

Thunder Chicken Shout Outs

Welcome to our Thunder Chicken Shout Out Space! This part of the page is for all the Thunder Chicken lovers who are using Thunder Chickens in other areas of the United States or around the world. We would love to hear your new fishing stories with what you are catching with your Thunder Chickens.
                   Tarpon on a Thunder Chicken!
Baby Tarpon caught here on St. Simons Island, Ga!

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Recently Captain Mark Noble had a fishing charter with a father and son. The little son wanted so badly to catch a tarpon. He had seen Captain Mark catch a tarpon on a TV Show and wanted the experience of catching one with the one and only Captain Mark Noble. Father and son fish together, always. The father, hoping to fulfill the desires of his son fishing for a tarpon with Captain Mark Noble, called and booked a charter with him.

On the day of the scheduled fishing trip "the weather conditions" were definitely NOT permissible  for a Tarpon Fishing Trip. Son was in tears-Captain Noble -with his compassion of children and fishing-loaned the two a fishing rod and gave them a Thunder Chicken. The father had access to a local saltwater pond where he took the youngster to fish. They had several rods-the only one that the tarpon would strike was the one with the Thunder Chicken Popping Cork. The little boy did catch his tarpon that day..hopefully soon he will get the opportunity to fish with Captain Mark Noble.

                                Fishing with a Thunder Chicken Popping Cork in Texas!

My name is Mark Mixon and I fished with y'all in (May) -I believe. I was down for a wedding with my wife.

Thanks again for a great trip!  I purchased a few of the Thunder Chicken  Rigs, and love them to death. Been killing it down here in Texas. The Red Fish seem to be attracted!

I think the Thunder Chickens would do great out here in Texas. The Bass Pro I go to is in Houston on Beltway and 288. The only thing we have there are the Cajun Thunder which do not have the same set up as Captain Noble, his just works much better.

Last two weekends I have been using them and caught one 28inch red and three 24inch Reds, along with several other fish like speckles and what not.  I have been kayak fishing with them and folks have been asking me what I am using. I'll Spread the word for yall! :)

Thunder Chicken Review from a very Happy Customer

I just wanted to thank Capt. Mark Noble for his amazing product the Thunder Chicken. I live about 2.5 hours from the coast and usually take a couple fishing trips each year to Jekyll Island to fish the inshore rivers for trout. Yesterday, a friend and I went fishing in Fancy Bluff Creek and caught our limit of nice trout using his popping cork. We tried swimming lures and other techniques but his popping cork and DOA shrimp were the "golden ticket"! "This thing is truly amazing". We caught over 50 trout in just a few hours fishing around shell bars on the incoming tide. Thank you so much for this incredible product!


Daniel Dasher
Call or text 912-638-7673 and order your Thunder Chicken Popping Cork today!
$5.50 each or 1 dozen for $60. Great gift idea for any occasion!!!
Popping Cork
Thunder chicken popping cork
Caught in Louisiana on Captain Mark Noble's Thunder Chicken Popping Cork!!
thunder chicken popping cork
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